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Best Event Spaces in Toronto

Change It Up at the Best Event Spaces in Toronto

Are you stepping away from traditional spaces for your wedding celebration? Discover The Florist's Loft and experience a truly unique wedding venue in Toronto. Enjoy a climate controlled room that doesn't care how hot or cold it is outside that still breathes the signs of the seasons into the room. Our signature floral displays are installed on the walls and ceilings, creating a space that welcomes your guests into a stunning room ready for some serious partying.
A Room Wrapped in Flowers All Year Round
Since our displays are crafted out of live flowers and greens, we are always changing out the blooms to stay current with the season. Berries and evergreen, Spring bulbs, the lush verdant greens of Summer, and a blast of gold and orange herald Autumn parties. As one of the best event spaces in Toronto, we can personalize the botanical displays with your favorite flowers and hues, ready to match wedding colors, birthday pop, or corporate brands.
Wedding Venues in Toronto You Will Always Remember
Your boutique wedding list is very exclusive. Make sure your video and photos are equally unique. Our large backdrops make the perfect photo ops for groups, family portraits, or as a bold and bright frame for your gift table. We have two gorgeous rooms for you to consider. The Green Room is bursting with color and fresh flowers. The White Room features carved flowers on almost every surface waiting for your centerpieces to provide the final pop. Your guests will go home filled with memories of a beautiful day and a beautiful venue.
Catering for Weddings on Your Budget
Just because you select an exclusive location doesn't mean you must blow the budget. We can match you up with some of the best caterers in Toronto and serve a delicious full meal to your guests, or you can bring in your own snacks, beverages, and of course, the cake. Keep it simple or go all out. It is your day! Make the food a reflection of your style and tastes.
Front of House Staff for Service, Room Captain, and Bar
Our catering for weddings also extends to the choice of a full bar and all the servers needed to keep your guests happy. Bring your own party planner on board or hire one of our available supervisors ready to keep the party rolling. We can see to every detail or let you express yourself in our event space.
Like every popular wedding venue in Toronto, make sure to call us today to reserve your special day. We will be glad to discuss pricing, floral options, and service requirements as needed.

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